Jul 31, 2014

On the Scene: The Leee Black Childers Memorial (NYC, 7.29.14) by Richard Boch

“Hello darling,” as only Leee could say it—so sad to see you go. Photographer Leee Black Childers passed away on April 6, 2014. On Tuesday July 29, his friends gathered at El Quijote, the restaurant adjacent to the Hotel Chelsea, sharing stories, memories, rumors and Paella. The crowd on hand, not to mention Leee himself, was part of a community and scene largely responsible for the radical shift in seventies sound and vision.

People began arriving at 3 P.M. and by 4:30 everyone settled into a seat. Tony Zanetta, Danny Fields and Pat Wadsley, stood up and spoke, remembering Leee from his days at Sixteen magazine and then Mainman, Bowie’s freewheeling management company. Roberta Bayley, a fellow photographer and the former door ‘minder’ at CBGB spoke of her friendship with Leee and his outpouring of love in return. Along with Linda Jean Meier, the afternoon’s organizer and host, both women were recognized as heroes of the day. Debbie Harry, Heartbreaker Walter Lure, Richard Hell, artist Duncan Hannah, Tom Wynbrandt, and photographer Bob Gruen all shared memories of Leee’s sweet, crazy and oddly innocent spirit. He was selfless but always searching, prone to both great excess and generosity. Roberta mentioned that Leee told her he loved her more than anyone. She was sure he said the same thing to every person in the room at one time or another—and each time he said it, he meant it.

From Max’s backroom to Middle America, London’s mid seventies heyday and New York City’s mayhem, Leee was there. All the beautiful faces he ever fell in love with—from the drag queens and rough trade to the Warhol stars like Holly Woodlawn and Jackie Curtis—from superstars like David Bowie and Iggy Pop to Jayne County, The Heartbreakers and Levi and The Rockats — they became his life, his legacy and the subject of his photographs. That was and is Leee Black Childers. ‘Good-bye darling’ was never part of the story.

Richard Boch 2014

Jul 30, 2014

Dick Wagner RIP

Dick Wagner - RIP

Stupefied: The Tim Sommer Playlist

Good things come to those who wait, and its been a while since I've run a playlist from a friend. After a delay of some time, Mr. Tim Sommer answers the call with a hell of a list. I first knew of Tim many years back when he attended NYU with Jack Rabid. He hosted the locally influential show on WNYU, Noise, the Show - at the time the only radio show playing punk/hardcore. Tim would do voiceovers in an almost-screaming level to match the urgency of the music. Don't believe me? Listen to this or this

Also, around the same time, he contributed to UK music weekly, Sounds, as a NY correspondent, as well as Trouser Press magazine, and a host of other publications. He went on to do a whole bunch of other interesting projects in the name of art - like producing records, forming Hugo Largo, and signing Hootie & the Blowfish to Atlantic Records, amongst other things.
Jack Rabid, left, and Tim Sommer, 1982

To this day Tim still writes, on a regular basis, a column that's well worth checking out over at the Brooklyn Bugle. It's called, what else? Noise, The Column! Where else can you read about the Ruts, Boston, baseball, the state of New York City, why the New York Times sucks, Hootie & the Blowfish, and racial issues? Nowhere else...that's where! He also contributes an editorial twice a year to Big Takeover magazine...published over the last 34 years by our mutual pal, the aforementioned Jack Rabid.

Special thanks to Tim for writing an entire column inspired by my request to him for this list. Not to mention this great list! So fire up your RSS feed for Tim's column, and then hit play.

p.s. For those who might give a crap, I've given up creating a Spotify version of these lists. It's just too glitchy and slow. And they don't have all of the tracks I want anyway.

01. Hallogallo - NEU
02. Know Your Product - THE SAINTS
03. Dot Dash - WIRE
04. The Lonely Surfer - JACK NITZSCHE
05. Theme From A Summer Place - PERCY FAITH
07. Albatross - FLEETWOOD MAC
09. Memphis Egypt - MEKONS
10. Ramones (album) - RAMONES
11. Mongoose - FU MANCHU
12. You Better Believe It - HAWKWIND
14. There There My Dear - DEXYS MIDNIGHT RUNNERS
15. Handbags and Gladrags - CHRIS FARLOWE
16. Ceremony - NEW ORDER
17. More Than A Feeling - BOSTON
18. The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore - THE WALKER BROTHERS
19. Tommy (complete, Live at Leeds version) - THE WHO
20. Astronomy Domine - PINK FLOYD
21. Dopesmoker (album) - SLEEP
22. Everybody Wants Some - VAN HALEN
23. Irene Wilde - IAN HUNTER
24. Gloria - PATTI SMITH
25. Song of the Siren - TIM BUCKLEY
26. Crucifixion - PHIL OCHS
27. All the Way From Memphis - MOTT THE HOOPLE
28. Jailbreak - THIN LIZZY
29. December - COLLECTIVE SOUL
30. Orinoco Flow - ENYA
31. & 32. Secret Bonus Tracks

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