Apr 25, 2008

Bob Gruen opening - Morrison Hotel at CBGB Gallery

Last night was the opening for the Bob Gruen "Rockers" show at Morrison Hotel Gallery's space at 313 Bowery - the former site of the CBGB Gallery. All I can say is wow! MHG really pulled out all of the stops for this event. This made the first show in the space by Steve Joester pale in comparison. Afterwards, when I ran into a couple of friends who had asked me how it was, I just looked at them like they were idiots. I mean, this is Bob Gruen! What can you say? He is very arguably the top of the heap when it comes to music photographers.

The entire space of 313 Bowery is used for this show & just about every possible inch of wall space is used to show photographs of all sizes, and what must number well over 200 images. From the front of the space, all the way to the back. There were also some added touches like a room long city-scape painted on the sizeable walls of the space that enhanced the whole event.

The place was so crowded I'm going to have to go back to actually spend some time & see everything. I've seen several Gruen shows over the years, and this is by far the best and most comprehensive we're ever likely to see.

Miss this show at your own peril. For hours & more info click here.

Bob Gruen official website - click here.
Morrison Hotel Gallery website - click here.

1 comment:

ARKITITO said...

Bob Gruen´s photo´s are unique.
I´m Tito Ficarelli, Brazillian architect who designed the space, just as we did for ROCKERS here in Brazil.
Glad that you like it.

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