Jul 31, 2008

Good news & not so bad news, yet

Hanging around the East Village last night with my friend Rich, I found out a few things, good & bad (or sad...maybe with a happy ending, who knows?):

I found out that my favorite reggae record shop, Jammyland, has been closed since early June(!) but they are still in business and looking for a new location.

I found out that Good Records moved recently from 3rd Street between A & B to 5th between 2nd & Bowery. A nicer, bigger space, plus they're in the beautiful pink building on that block. I love that building!

Lastly, while eating dinner at Veselka, I noticed a sign on the mural that has decorated the eastern end wall of the restaurant for years now. It said that the mural is for sale. When I asked the waiter why they were selling it, he said that they were expanding the space so the mural had to go. I was relieved as, being a regular reader of Jeremiah's Vanishing NY, and living in this crazy city for a long time, I'm so used to things going away, and quickly. Thankfully thats not the case this time.

Here are some pictures of the mural with a phone number to call if you're interested in making the purchase. Click on the images to make them larger. Own a piece of East Village history!

1 comment:

Daisy said...

did you suggest Ebay?

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