Nov 26, 2008

Christie's Punk/Rock auction results

The results from Christie's Punk/Rock auction are in, and for the most part were underwhelming. Some items met or exceeded their estimated prices, but many fell below. It didn't surprise me as I thought a lot of their estimates were high when I received the catalog a few weeks ago. That's not to say it doesn't have me pondering the possibility of selling some of the crap I've accumulated over the years.

Here are a few observations after many years seeing this stuff around, or not, owning & selling some of it myself.

Underpriced - Buzzcocks single promo poster ($188):

Overpriced - Smiths first album promo poster ($563):

Probably about right - Clash Bond's poster ($2750, offered in lot with a few others. These originally sold for $5 at the Bond's concerts!):

Definitely overpriced - Clash Sandinista promo poster ($1063, offered in lot with a few others):

Underpriced - Clash second album (in US) promo poster ($875, offered in lot with others)

Here's a story from today's NY Times about it.


Anonymous said...

thanks - you're right. it was all a bit dull wasn't it. Do you like the catalogue?

daisy said...

yes i agree. it was a bit dull. Are you glad you got the catalogue? Think it will be worth something on ebay in the future? ha ha. ALthough i suppose i shouldn't laugh. you never know.

Karate Boogaloo said...

Ha ha!!! I should've have added "Overpriced - Auction catalog ($35)."

Backstage 'Oy said...

Did you hear the posh auction geezer with the mallet going, "bondage trousers, going once." If Steve Jones was there they would be saying, "going once, oh! where did it go?"

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