Nov 25, 2008

Famous & Infamous Manhattan: East Village

Talk about your forgotten New York, click the link below for a tour based on "A Colorful Walking Tour of New York's Most Notorious Crime* Sites" by Andrew Roth. Jim Naureckas' is an invaluable source. Also Bruce Kayton's "Radical Walking Tours of New York City." *Many here are noteworthy and far from criminals.

A user-generated Google Maps walking tour of New York's East Village. By clicking on the link for each location, you'll get a little paragraph of information on that particular place, such as:

Stretches of Chrystie Street: Known for areas of prostitution in the early 1900's."Prostitution flourished as well, and streetwalkers were found in droves on Allen Street, Chrystie Street, Second Avenue and Fourteenth Street. Second Avenue was so thick with the trade that it earned the nickname "pimp row".

Video & photography is used as well. Cool stuff!

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