Feb 28, 2009

Etherea update

Straight from the horses mouth, here is the latest from Etherea. Etherea is closed for business now as we wait & hope for Etherea employee Brion to get the lease on the space and open his own store. Stay tuned for further developments.

"Many of you have been bewildered by the blogging that has been going on about the closing of Etherea (specifically the Brooklyn Vegan post about Etherea being "saved"). Well, here's the real story. My lease here on Avenue A is ending and I intend to move on from 13.5 years of the music retail biz to pursue a new career. That is still happening, and Etherea is now officially closed, but one of my employees, namely DJ Brion, decided he wanted to buy out my store when I told him I was closing and start his own record shop in same location with a new partner. They have been hard at work trying to hammer out a new lease with the landlord. They plan to re-brand the store, and will have a different slant on music tailored to their tastes and aesthetics. I have been supportive of their efforts, and I hope to report good news very soon..."

1 comment:

EV Grieve said...

Thanks for the update, KB...fingers/toes crossed.

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