Jul 16, 2009

Paul Tschinkel's Innertube - New York Music New York

Paul Tschinkel's "Innertube - New York Music New York" was a public access video show that ran from 1979-1984 in Manhattan. He shot some incredible performances by the likes of DNA, the Contortions, the Cramps, the Waitresses, and many more. A short bio about Paul can be read here. His longest running project, ART/New York, a video series on contemporary New York-based artists can be seen here.

James Chance & the Contortions, Max's Kansas City, 1979

Klaus Nomi interview, 1982

New York New Wave at P.S. 1 - "The Armory Show of the 80s," 1981

Eight Eyed Spy with Lydia Lunch, Nick Zedd's film "They Eat Scum" (1979) and Howie Zowie, 1983

Johnny Thunders, Klaus Nomi and Jayne County, 1982

The Waitresses (Irving Plaza) & the Cramps (Mudd Club), 1981


NYCDreamin said...

Very nice batch of vids, KB. You're knocking 'em outta the park with this stuff! Thanks for unearthing those and sharing them - nice to see some additional Max's Kansas City vids I've never seen before (Contortions/Jayne County) and the Johnny Thunders clip - well, it's just awesome.

JamesChanceOfficial said...

I liked the little story that ran across the screen on how the Thunders shoot came about.

EV Grieve said...

Great stuff, KB! I'll have to link to this...

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