Jun 29, 2011

NYNS - Old farts preaching poetry

Originally posted at The New York Nobody Sings: Rifts, and a general love/hate vibe, between the New York & London sectors of the early punk scene have existed for years. The influence of the New York Dolls, as well as the first Ramones album, on London can't be underestimated. However, a certain member of the Dolls, along with his merry band of Heartbreakers and a certain groupie that followed them over to London from NYC, was blamed for the introduction of heroin to the London punk scene - specifically to Johnny Rotten's best friend, John "Sid Vicious" Ritchie.

As you'll notice at the start of the clip below, Rotten, calls out the entire early NYC punk scene as "old farts preaching poetry." With references to Max's Kansas City, "Pills" (by Bo Diddley recorded by the Dolls), and "Looking For A Kiss" (a Dolls original) in "New York," an angry Johnny Rotten can be articulate, quite funny, and poetic himself.

Think it is well playing Max's Kansas
You're looking bored
And you're acting flash
With nothing in your gut
You better keep yer mouth shut
You better keep yer mouth shut
In a rut


Billy said...

C'mon, ya gotta give JT's rebuttal equal time. London Boys

You best believe I'm from New York city.

You're telling me 'shut your mouth'
If I wasn't kissing, you wouldn't be around
You talk about faggots, little moma's boy
You sit at home, you got a chaperone
You need an escort to take a piss
He holds your hand and he shakes your dick
You're so pretty, suburban kitty
You think you're gonna change, rearrange your city?

...you poor little puppet.


blorriepoes said...

Wow good song.
like the vid too!!

NYCDreamin said...

An appropriate and biting musical rebuttal by JT & the boys.

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