Oct 16, 2009

Etherea Records lives on, sort of

The sound of vinyl is in the air, what with the WFMU Record Fair around the corner, and all. I just received the following note from Rich, former proprietor of Etherea Records, concerning his remaining stock. Get in touch. Go dig, baby.

"As most of you know, I closed Etherea back in March, and moved all my records to an office space in DUMBO, Brooklyn. While I planned to sell at record fairs and online, and have done a little of both, I'd like to invite you down to dig. I have here about 5000 records, some new overstock and mostly used/collectible electronic vinyl from the past decade. There were many boxes in storage that were never put out for one reason or another. Some things I had put aside for myself, but never took home.

Genres include: Techno (lots of Kompakt-distributed labels, Get Physical, mint records from ten years ago that have been in a box!), house (MAW, Sleeping Bag, UK labels, Chicago artists, etc), idm and ambient (the orb, rephlex, AFX, etc.), classic rock, jazz, soul, and lots of 70's rock, post punk, new wave.

This stuff has NOT picked through, only a couple crates of records have made it to the two record fairs that I have sold at this year. Records will be priced at half or less of retail value, so collectible titles that sell for $20 would be $10 each, $12 import 12's will be $5-6, $7 records are $3, etc.

I also have CDs for sale, posters, and LP mailers. There will be a bag of freebies. I have one portable turntable to sample. I am making appointments only during the week, 9-5pm. Feel free to forward this to friends. Please email me with any questions you have, or specific wants."

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EV Grieve said...

Thanks for passing this info on, KB.

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