Nov 23, 2009

Rock Hall in Columbus Circle

It's not often that I might actually want or need to go to the Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle, but this week there is actually a reason. Through Nov. 29, photographer Kevin Mazur is exhibiting some work which follows the recent 25th Anniversary concert for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame at Madison Square Garden. The exhibit contain shots from the concert of Mick Jagger & Bono (above), Aretha Franklin & Annie Lennox, Simon & Garfunkel, CSN&Y, Bruce Springsteen, Jeff Beck, Jerry Lee Lewis, Smokey Robinson, Dion & quite a few others. I have to say, although the subject matter is a bit more commercial than I'm used to checking out, the work is impressive. Walking through the exhibit, there is a definite "you are there" feeling to the photos.

Also on display are different pieces of rock history such as you might see at the Rock Hall itself, like stage clothing from the likes of Bono, Bruce Springsteen, & Mick Jagger. But besides the photography which is my main interest, what definitely caught my eye were some Stevie Wonder master tapes from the mid 70's, a Gretsch guitar played by David Crosby at the Monterey Pop Festival, and a BB King handwritten set list. Again, the show is up through Sunday, Nov. 29.

And of course, it was hard to miss, but this is all leading up to Sunday's HBO broadcast of the actual concert itself at 8:00PM (eastern) on Sunday night. It just might be worth checking out.

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LpCoverLover said...

I saw the exhibit Tim, it's very cool. Wish I could have been at the concert, but this show and the HBO concert on Sunday is the next best thing.

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