Jan 14, 2011

NYNS - If I wasn't blasting Sister Ray, I could lose my mind

For some reason, the Dictators are a band I was never much interested in. I give them their due...they were there, and we even have some mutual friends, but nothing about them ever interested me much. That said, I must admit that they do have a way with a tune, not to mention a good sense of humor...if I was paying attention earlier in my life I probably would have loved them. No matter, "New York, New York" captures a certain je ne said quoi about life in the big city.

Here they are at an early 80's reunion show at Irving Plaza:

I live in the city
I breathe dirty air
I ride trains with b-boys
junkies, queens and squares


T. Tex Edwards said...

Is that a Christopher Milk poster on the locker-room wall?

Karate Boogaloo said...

Hey Tex - I don't know, but I bet the Dictators could tell you: http://dffd.wordpress.com/

MJG196 said...

Two Tub Man is a good one, too.

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