Mar 31, 2010

Television - 1974 loft rehearsals

ADDENDUM, 6.25.10: I had a video playlist of 10 tracks posted here from the available footage. Unfortunately, it's not available anymore, so I've replaced it with what you see below. I wonder how long this one will last? I also wonder who the fucking cry baby is who put the take down into place to have the videos removed from YouTube?

Once upon a time there was a man named Terry Ork. He managed Television, and according to some folks was extremely responsible for getting CBGB off the ground in the direction that brought the club eventual success & notoriety. Here is some very interesting footage (10 clips in all) of Television practicing in Ork's loft in Chinatown, circa 1974, with Richard Hell on bass. In certain respects, this is some sort of ground zero.

As Richard Lloyd said over at Perfect Sound Forever:

RL: I was living downtown in Chinatown with this guy who worked for Andy Warhol...

Q: Terry Ork?

RL: Terry Ork. I had been playing guitar for a number of years. I never played with anybody. I wasn't the kind of guy who ran around playing with everyone on the planet. So, one day Terry says "I know another guy who does what you do" and I said "What do I do?" He said "Well, you play guitar." So I went down to see Verlaine play. So Tom played these three songs. Instantly, watching this fellow, I just knew something was going to happen. Richard Hell was his manager, and we convinced him to learn the bass. In came Ficca, who had been a drummer in some blues band from Chicago. Terry Ork offered us rehearsal space in his loft, and even offered to buy us the necessary equipment. It was an offer Tom couldn't refuse. So we started the group. We called ourselves GooGoo for three weeks, then we all went our separate ways to find a name. Richard Hell came up with Television. Tom liked it because TV was his initials. We were more like the Sex Pistols back then, in a way...

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