Jan 1, 2011

NYNS - I Do the Rock in the Paradise Garage

In 1979, following his success in The Rocky Horror Picture Show and prior to further success in Hollywood, actor Tim Curry released Fearless, a rock/disco hybrid, and one of a few albums he released during a short lived recording career. Two standout tracks from that album had some inspiration from NYC. The first, "Paradise Garage" was his story of a visit to the legendary club of the same name. Part of the bass line was also a nice bite off of Bill Withers' "Who Is He and What Is He To You?" ...And it goes like this:

The second, and most successful song off of the album, was "I Do the Rock." This was basically an inventory list of hot topics of the time, like the cold war, the middle east, and various rock and movie stars. The Dakota and Interview Magazine received cursory mentions.


Wayne said...

I was just listening to the Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack when this came up.
"I do the rock!"

Hive45 said...

Happy New Year from Hive45! Love your work!

Hive45 said...

All the best for the new year! love yr blog!

Karate Boogaloo said...

Thank you Hive 45. Same to you!

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