Jul 29, 2010

Downtown Calling, Horsemeat Disco

I wanted to mention that I finally got to see Downtown Calling last night. Four years in the making, and counting, it seems director Shan Nicholson and company are really close to making something happen after a hugely successful screening last night at the Latin Film Festival. Through what could have easily become a clusterfuck of fact, fiction, time frames, and memories, the film makers have managed to weave a compelling retelling of an intense, and beautifully eclectic creative time period in the history of not only New York City, but especially music and the visual arts.

Unfortunately, I can't quote from the film, but Mos Def, Danny Krivit, and Johnny Dynell, had especially astute & touching things to say about the "old days." All of the interviewees, however, were excellent. Visit the official film site here, and become a fan on Facebook here.

Those who are interested in the Downtown Calling vibe may also want to know that influential London club guys, Horsemeat Disco, will be throwing a party on August 14 at Santos as part of a wider tour which will also take in NYC (again), Toronto, Calgary, San Francisco, Portland, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami.

Endorsed by the DFA folks, they've hosted a whose who of DJ culture the last bunch of years in London including Maurice Fulton, James Murphy, Tim Sweeney, Daniel Wang, Dimitri From Paris, Adam Goldstone, Derrick Carter, Lady Miss Kier (Deee-Lite), Idjut Boys, Luke Unabomber, Pat Mahoney, Faze Action, Miss Honey Dijon, Frank Tope, Victor Rosado, Trannyshack, Loud-E, Pete Z, Nine Bob & Gideon, Unit 4, Andy Butler, Greg Wilson, Louie Austen, Annie, Princess Julia, Justus Kohncke, DJ Strangefruit, Tasty Tim, Sean P, DJ Spun, Cosmo, Faith, Rub And Tug, and many others. Here's a taster from their new album:

Horse Meat Disco - Volume 2 - Mini Promo Mix by warmhq


Anonymous said...

I was lucky enough to see the premiere of Downtown Calling and I thought it really captured the essence of the NYC we all miss and love and also the hard time it has faced. My only complaint is that when I approached Shan Nicholson to congratulate him on his film at Santos Party house he really didnt want to be bothered and he was more interested grabbing onto his girlfriends ass. That was very much douche bag behavior. When I asked him if if DAZE(legendary underground artist) was at the premiere, he looked at me wierd because it was obvious he didnt know what the hell I was talking about. Insert crickets here..I mean really? All of the people that agreed to be in film doc are legendary and you need to know who the fuck you put in your film..Makes me question the motives behind the film..are the sincere or just a ploy to make money on those of us who really embraced this scene...

Karate Boogaloo said...

Well...I'd cut Shan a little slack. Who knows? Maybe he was drunk. Maybe he couldn't hear or misunderstood you. I'd say they are sincere, and they do know who is in their film.

And if it was money they're interested in making I can think of a lot quicker & easier ways to make money other than spending 4 years making a movie that may, or may NOT, even get distribution!

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