Dec 12, 2010

Movie double feature of the week - Downtown 81 and Paris Is Burning

Its been a while since we've featured a Movie of the Week (usually of the Beat Jazz Variety). This week, however, I'm happy to bring you two underground classics - Downtown 81 and Paris Is Burning. For those of you who may not know, Downtown 81 is also currently streaming on Netflix. Anyone who is interested in (mostly accurate) historical footage of the ghosts of New York (somewhat) recent past should see these films. Enjoy...

Downtown 81:

via Dangerous Minds
Downtown 81 on Amazon

I also highly recommend the Downtown 81 soundtrack. It features music from an era-perfect selection of NY-based bands & acts of the time including Basquiat's band, Gray, Tuxedomoon, Liquid Liquid, Lydia Lunch, Lounge Lizards, DNA, Walter Steding, Rammelzee, Kid Creole, Suicide, and others. Hear some sound clips and/or buy it here.

Paris Is Burning:

Paris Is Burning on Amazon

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