Jun 7, 2011

Greg Wilson on Martin Rushent and the Human League

I was browsing the blog pages over at Rocks Back Pages, and saw the latest entry by legendary UK DJ, Greg Wilson. In his article, Greg discusses the recent passing of Martin Rushent, and waxes nostalgic about spinning Human League records at Wigan Pier in the early 80's. It contained the above image of the 12" label from the Human League's "Hard Times" 12" and seeing the label really brought that time back to me for some reason. After all, the Rushent-produced Dare, is one of my all time favorite albums. And all of the singles associated with it ain't too shabby as well. I thought some of you might enjoy he article, as well as the edits below by Greg which he is kind enough to share with us on Mixcloud...give it a spin, and read all about it.

By Greg Wilson: "The League Unlimited Orchestra / ‘Love And Dancing Medley’ – by the time I found the original tape of this, a few years ago, the sound quality had unfortunately deteriorated somewhat . I quickly transferred to digital, and, despite its audio deficiency, it retains its charm, with half a dozen tracks squeezed into just over three and a half minutes. ‘Love And Dancing’ was, in effect, a dub version of the Human League’s ‘Dare’ album, remixed by its producer, Martin Rushent." For further info: http://www.gregwilson.co.uk/2011/02/turntable-edits-2/

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