Jul 23, 2011

Amy Winehouse RIP

Amy Winehouse - RIP


MJG196 said...

Live like a junkie, die like a junkie. What a waste of talent.

Anoosh said...

many of the most talented musicians and performers of the last 100 years lived & died that way. so -- who knows why they couldn't stop? i can't judge what it is to walk in another's shoes. Chan Parker said life was just too heavy for Bird. maybe it was, for him, and AW -- who am i to judge someone else's pain?. i can relate. lucky i never got lured in by drugs. treatment for drug addiction has a long way to go, not effective for many people. anyway, blah blah... just so so sad about this today. she sure was one of a kind

Cassy said...

Amy Winehouse is such a great talent. I love her music. May she rest in peace.

Cassy from Acoustic Guitar Online

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