Jul 16, 2011

Exclusive: Godlis photos from Castle Clinton Patti Smith show 7.14.11


Huge thanks to Godlis for this exclusive set of shots he snapped Thursday night at Castle Clinton's River To River Patti Smith show.  As you can see, the show spanned daylight to darkness, and according to Godlis, was "amazing". He would know. 

She did a cover of the current Adele song ("Rolling In The Deep") and had backing vocals from Suzzy Roche, Lucy Wainright and Jesse her (Patti's) daughter. He also reports that Emma Watson was in attendance (you know, the actress who plays Hermione in Harry Potter), and Laurie Anderson (no Lou Reed). Besides the Adele cover, they did a great version of "Perfect Day," and a great version of "People Who Died" too. 

All photos ©GODLIS @ LMCC . Please do not use without permission...ask us - we're nice!

Godlis: "They soundchecked Summer Cannibals but x'd it out."

Imagine this one - 1975, CBGB, black and white - it would be a classic. It IS a classic!
Godlis: "She held up the black guitar & said 'this is the weapon of my generation!'
Then ripped off a string." 
Godlis' personal favorite. Patti's daughter watches her mom from the wings.
All photos ©Godlis @ LMCC - do not use without permission. Ask us - we're nice!


NYCDreamin said...

Sweet photos! Nice to get an exclusive like that...

Anonymous said...

Great pics, I love them!

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