Jul 21, 2011

Tonight at the New Museum: The expressionist no wave of Gray

For the first time in 23 years, downtown post punk band, Gray, will be performing at the New Museum. Surviving members Michael Holman and Nick Taylor are lousy with the self-PR or else I would have written about this a long time ago. Thankfully for a phone call today with a friend, I now know about it. I'll be over at the Kasher Gallery for the Laura Levine/Punk and New Wave Artwork doubleheader. If anyone makes it to the Gray show, I'd love to hear how it was. Link to info & tickets below.



"In every biography you read of the band Gray, it brings up the story that founding member Jean-Michel Basquiat named the band after Gray’s Anatomy, the 150-year old textbook that was an essential resource for his work. Considering those meticulous, systematic drawings of bones and muscles alongside Basquiat’s rough, violently emotional paintings, it’s difficult to discern what exactly he took away from the book." Continued here as well as info for tickets & set times.

  Jean-Michel Basquiat, Gray - Drum Mode (Downtown 81) by vangogen 

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