Jul 2, 2011

The Vinyl Garage, Woodstock NY

Originally published at the Vinyl District: One of the advantages of living in the northeast is the close proximity to so many major cities, and all they have to offer - including record fairs & sales. All of them play host to fairs regularly, and this includes many secondary cities as well like Amherst MA, and Albany NY. If you're really in the mood, you can do some serious sightseeing while doing some serious damage to your bank account.

One record dealing friend of mine, Mr. Mark Zip of Woodstock NY, has been selling records for years...not only does he regularly make the rounds to sell, he's developed something of a tradition at his home between Woodstock and Saugerties NY in the Catskill Mountains. Twice a year, like clockwork, he has a massive sale out of his garage. Mostly vinyl & CD's, its always a great excuse to hang out & shoot the breeze, and maybe catch up with a few folks who you wouldn't normally otherwise meet. Like any good record store. This happens on the Memorial Day & Labor Day weekends like clockwork. On occasion - nice days, when he has a new collection in to sort - Mark will open the garage for the heck of it. Residents & tourists of the Woodstock area know this because of the distinctive red & white signs that Mark posts along Route 212 leading to his house.

What may be of interest to TVD (and Stupefaction) readers in the northeast is that Mark keeps a blog of upcoming record fairs - at least the ones he's going to be at. He also updates it when he happens to be open at his house, like this weekend. So, if you happen to be visiting New Paltz, Woodstock, Saugerties, or even Hudson NY, make a quick stop at the Vinyl Garage, and keep an eye on NY Record Fairs for updates. See you at the garage.

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