Aug 5, 2011

Acute's first vinyl release, Drums Over London by The Disco Zombies

Our pals over at Acute Records are releasing their (surprisingly) first ever vinyl release - "Drums Over London" by the obscuro 70's punk band, The Disco Zombies. Since we always have time for anything Acute-related I wanted to pass the news on to you...

The Disco Zombies existed from 1977 to 1980 or so (like all good punk bands!). They played extremely catchy and witty and occasionally topical pop songs, whether during their earlier energetic punk phase or later artier drum machine phase. The LP compiles their 3 rare and collectible 7" singles, including the classic "Drums Over London", as well as 7 additional never before released songs taken from acetates to singles that almost were.

If that wasn't enough…the LP comes with a download code to be able to get digital versions of all the songs, PLUS an additional 7 songs, all recorded live in 1980 including yet 5 more unreleased songs, along with covers of Eno and Faust. All of this plus a 12 page booklet…truly an embarrassment of riches.
  • Here Come the Buts single listed as “favorite of their three spectacular singles” by Johan Kugelberg on his canon-defining Top 100 DIY Records for Ugly Things magazine.
  • Includes 12 page booklet with liner notes from Disco Zombies singer/influential journalist Dave Henderson (Sounds/Mojo).
  • Guitarist/songwriter Andy Ross discovered Blur.
  • Acute Records’ first vinyl release!
Release date:
September 27, 2011


C said...

Amazed to see this as my boyfriend bought the single on first release and we saw them live at our local venue, way back when! The single's cover was great - hand screen printed I think - as shown in your pic. Seem to remember they got a lot of stick about the perceived racist lyrics on 'Drums..' which were unfortunately taken seriously by some but were of course ironic...

Karate Boogaloo said... actually saw these guys? Thats amazing. I've heard the name over the years but have never heard them until today. Dan at Acute is incredible at coming up with this stuff.

andy ross said...

hELLO, ANDY ROSS FROM dISCO zOMBIES here, meeting with singer Dave tomorrow to pick up copies of the - gulp - album...
we got together and played in London ten months ago, might do more.
We never released an album before, so all chuffed.
We've all gone and done other things - I ran a record label for 15 years and did discover Blur, but it's strange that a former time should come to revisit us!
Thanks to Acute, thanks!
Andy Ross

andy ross said...

meeting with Dave (singer) tomorrow. exciting and weird. Cheers
Andy Ross
Thanks to Acute

Karate Boogaloo said...

Thanks for checking in Andy! Good luck. Dan S. is a good man & a true music fan. You guys are lucky.

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