Nov 17, 2011

Kyle's Cassettes: Jean Michel Jarre - Les Concerts En Chine

Jean-Michel Jarre
Les Concerts En Chine
1982 Disques Dreyfus

So I’m really into juicing right now. I realize that makes me sound like some sort of new age burn out on a power cleanse that’s constantly looking for a nearby AA meeting, but what can I say? I’m way the fuck into beta-carotenes and anti-oxidants and all that other stupid shit. Anyways, I wouldn’t go breaking my neck looking for this Jean-Michel Jarre tape, but it does have a few mega-heavy synth cuts on it. The point is that this is like the perfect music for juicing, it’s got a real clean living type of vibe that will get you amped to chop and prepare all your veggies and what not. On some of the heavier tracks you can almost actually feel your body metabolizing the minerals and nutrients as you drink the juice. It’s pretty trippy.

Musically I’m pretty sure Daft Punk was into this record at some point or another because it sounds like something they wish they had made. This guy that I knew from back in high school sort of turned me onto this record. I remember running into him on Avenue A back in like 2001 or something like that and he was with this real man-ish looking German girl in a white leather jacket, who I’m sure was like Peaches older uglier sister or something and he was carrying around a VHS copy of The Last Unicorn that he was purportedly reviewing for some unnamed magazine. It was pretty rich.

Anyways, I realize that this review is maybe a little off balance in terms of making any sort of relational sense, but I guess what I’m trying to say is that this is a complex record that doesn’t offer any easy answers. What the fuck do you want from it anyways? It’s just a tape.

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suzyGB said...

love this guy! he's right. you do feel this music in your veins.

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