Nov 24, 2011

Kyle's Cassettes: Robert Wyatt - Nothing Can Stop Us

Robert Wyatt

Nothing Can Stop Us

1986 Gramavision

A lot of kids think that the whole 80’s British art school scene was all about the Cure and hairspray, but if you want to really get down to some brass tacks, no non-sense business then this is probably more where it’s at. 

Check it: moping around your seaside Bristol studio trying to work out some issues regarding feminine identity in your politico-abstract-expressionist paintings while smoking a little Bali Shagg mixed with some low-grade sensi and this is jamming on the box in the back ground. That beret with the trench coat ensemble was working for you. I mean come on, you wish your mom was this cool.

All what have you aside, this is a pretty special little tape. In 1973 Wyatt fell out of a window at a party and was left in a wheelchair. He spent the rest of the seventies laid up on the outskirts of London in a flat that Julie Christie gave him marinating on everything from disco and soul to bebop and Chilean folk songs. When he resurfaced in the 80’s this is what he came through with. These jams are hella frail in a soulful- spooked-out-vibes kind of way. These songs are about struggle and sincerity and the inherent pitfalls there with in. This tape always makes me feel like everything is going to be all right.

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