Nov 22, 2011

Mingus On Mingus - support the film!

Mingus On Mingus is a documentary-in-progress up for support on Kickstarter. The film is being made by Kevin Ellington Mingus - grandson of the jazz great. Kevin never knew his grandfather as he was only three at the time of Mingus' death in 1979 - this film is his attempt to piece the story together, and it looks very promising.

The feature-length documentary is the journey of a grandson searching for the truth behind the legend of the grandfather he never knew. Surrounded by controversy for his polemic actions and his unpredictability, the enigmatic figure of his grandfather became a jazz icon. The documentary opens doors to unknown facets of a composer who left one of the largest musical legacies of 20th Century American music. It is the path of his grandson, looking at the life of his grandfather through the eyes of those he touched and inspired, and through the locations where he lived and composed his art. The film rediscovers both, the man and the artist: Charles Mingus.

Visit the Kickstarter page here.
Visit the official website for the production here.

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