Dec 23, 2011

Friday Ephemera - Rat Cage Records

Rat Cage Records mail order ad, circa mid-80's


the G said...


I've got a lot of those records, most of them purchased at the store--the one on Ave. A & then the other one on 9th St., or some when Dave would wheel a box of records on a skateboard over to a matinee at CBs.

I also kind of remember rumors of that "Harley F 12"", that it was gonna be called 12" of Harley Flanagan, that it was in the works, with him playing all the instuments. Then I don't think it ever materialized (I could be wrong). Or it may have eventually morphed into the Cro-Mags.

Who was responsible for that great hand lettering ("MIR")? Was that Dave? I always loved that.

Tim Broun said...

I wish I still had the Rat Cage stuff I used to. At those prices I'd take 5 of everything!

I believe it was Dave who was responsible for the lettering & artwork.

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