Dec 7, 2011

Rare Clash footage unearthed

The nights of Sept. 21 & 22, 1979 hold a special meaning to obsessive Clash fans. It was on one of those evenings, some will say the 22nd, that Pennie Smith's photo of Paul Simonon in mid-bass smashing position was snapped. This photo, of course, went on to become the iconic cover of the next Clash album, London Calling.

Very recently, some amazing silent footage was unearthed of the Clash performing at those shows. With the help of some fans, bootleg recorded audio was matched to the footage, and voila! We have a wonderful document with sound & vision. Watch the video below, and read the whole amazing story over at The Clash Blog.

1 comment:

NYCDreamin said...

Gotta love it when sweet new video like that (of almost any group) appears from wherever it's been stashed for 30 years.

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