Jan 27, 2012

‎"Full global reach can only be a matter of time."

 What a hell of a rollercoaster week...or at least the last two days. It started with the news of at least some sort of CBGB festival this summer, if not a full blown relaunch. Then came the news that Bleecker Bobs is being replaced by a Starbucks, and it must be going out of business, right? And oh yeah, by the way, the Holiday Cocktail Lounge is closing. Last call is Saturday night. Then today came a rumor that Bleecker Bobs may not be closing...they're supposedly looking for a new space in the East Village.

Also today, something I've been waiting on...Mojo magazine mentioned the Vinyl District Record Store Locator app in the news section of their brand new issue, March 2012. For me this is a great personal validation. I've read almost every issue of Mojo since they started when...18, 19 years ago? Anyway, I'm simply thrilled, honey. Thanks to Andrew Male of Mojo for noticing, and thanks to Phil Wilson for the JPEG today. And of course, thanks to Justin Bieber for having his picture taken with an iPhone so Mojo could use it for this piece...I love celebrity endorsements!

‎"Full global reach can only be a matter of time." Indeed.

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