Jan 8, 2012

Movie of the Week - The New York Dolls Lookin' Fine On Television


Sometime in 2011, I had posted the original version of the amazing Bob Gruen films of the New York Dolls, All Dolled Up, as MVD, the company who had released the DVD, had posted it on their YouTube channel. I was promptly asked to remove it as I guess there was some misunderstanding between Gruen & the film company.

Now, the films have been rereleased as Lookin' Fine On Television, and once again, its available to watch on YouTube. These are amazing. I don't know what extras the DVD release includes, but I would definitely recommend searching out either physical version - the extras on the original release were just as compelling as the main feature.


Spike Priggen said...

It's actually just a 2-minute trailer unless you pay to rent it.

Spike Priggen said...

it's actually just a 2-minute trailer unless you pay to rnt it for 72 hours.

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