Jan 13, 2012

Sniffin' Glue tees available

 A friend here in Brooklyn has, along with Sniffin' Glue publisher Mark Perry, made some very cool t-shirts available featuring artwork from the original zine covers. Printed in the US by Impact Merchandising, they're only $9.99 each which is a steal. Have a look and if you're interested, email Bryan, and he'll help you out. Be advised, stock is limited, and not everything may be available. More to see beyond the jump...

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Bryan Swirsky said...

hey all

here is breakdown of what's stock is still available.

2 (damned)- three medium sizes left
3 (clash)- sold out
3 1/2 -(pistols) sold out
4 (hot rods) - s, m, l, xl - PLENTY
5 (clash) - s, m, l, xl - PLENTY
6 (letts/adverts/gorillas) - just a few left.
7 (cherry vanilla) - - s, m, l, xl - PLENTY
8 (mark p & co) - s, m, l, xl - PLENTY

Shirts are $9.99USD + s/h a piece. The more you order, the cheaper thecprice point. Paypal, checks and cash all accepted.

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