Apr 18, 2012

Billboard recommends The Vinyl District Record Store Locator for Record Store Day!

This just in from Billboard.biz

Record Store Day 2012: Useful Apps, In-Store Performances, More:

Record Store Day is right around the corner (this Saturday April 21, but you already knew that), so here's a few updates and miscellaneous pieces of information that will help you manage your weekend and make it as enjoyable as possible.

First off, if you haven't downloaded it yet, The Vinyl District has developed a free app for both iPhone and Android that allows users to locate the nearest independent record shop via its GPS locator. While useful in unfamiliar cities and neighborhoods throughout the year, the app is that much more useful this weekend, especially its social features. Users can make their own Vinyl District accounts or sign in with Twitter or Facebook and check in to record stores, comment in the "shout" section, and share what gems they've uncovered with others around them. There's also an events section that highlights record fairs, though it leaves out RSD-specific events. For the rest of this article, and more on record store day, click here.

For more on the Vinyl District app visit:
iTunes: http://bit.ly/tVIBP6
Android Marketplace: http://bit.ly/sx5hCm
The Vinyl District: http://bit.ly/rvzYNs
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tvdrecordstorelocator

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