Apr 24, 2012

Iggy Pop to release album of covers & standards: Après

Like the new Tom Jones album, Iggy Pop's upcoming release, Après, out on May 14, is all covers as well. I'm liking this new trend. Before you get on me for any inaccuracies in the credits below, I will say that I think the names in parenthesis listed are more who made the song famous. Not necessarily who wrote it.

Here's the track listing:
01. Et si tu n¹existais pas (Joe Dassin) 
02. Everybody's Talkin' (Harry Nilsson, Fred Neil) 
03. I'm Going Away Smiling (Yoko Ono) 
04. La Javanaise (Serge Gainsbourg) 
05. La vie en Rose (Edith Piaf)
06. Les Passantes (Georges Brassens) 
07. Michelle (The Beatles) 
08. Only the Lonely (Frank Sinatra) 
09. Syracuse (Henri Salvador) 
10. What Is This Thing Called Love (Cole Porter) 


rickster said...

Oh man I gotta hear Iggy trying to "sing" this stuff. It's going to be f**king hilarious!!

Dan said...

C'mon Tim! Everybody's Talkin' is Fred Neil!

Tim Broun said...

Thats what I get for cutting & pasting.

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