Apr 1, 2012

Punk's Dead: The Photographs of Simon Barker

Every once in a while, when you think some dead body has been picked over as much as possible, something new pops up to surprise & delight. In this case, the dead body: '77-era UK punk; the surprise & delight: the wonderfully cheap & candid photos taken by Simon Barker - member of the legendary Bromley Contingent crowd. His new book Punk's Dead shows these photos in all of their beauty...

It took Adam Ant a while to get his thing together. Siouxsie, below, had hers together fairly quickly.
Poly Styrene

Debbie Juvenile

Bertie Berlin & Jordan

Siouxsie Sioux

Read about the book at The Independent.
Punk's Dead on Amazon.

Follow Simon Barker on Tumblr.


RetroKimmer said...

Oh I just love the punk era and the makeup! Everyone is so boring now....

steg said...

It seems this book did not get a great coverage.
I discovered it through a Banshees website.

I like your blog.




Tim Broun said...

Thanks Stefano!

Zahrdoz said...

Thanks for the memories of that time. Where did it all go?

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