Apr 7, 2012

The Sound of Progress - Pop Music according to Foetus, Coil, Current 93 & Test Dept

 A Dutch documentary (around '88) originally aired on Dutch television. Includes interviews with JG Thirlwell, John Ballance, David Tibet, and Test Dept, with live performances.

I've always loved the idea of industrial bands better than the reality. There always seemed to be a great air of mystery about them, and of course they existed in black & white. They also always seemed to have the idea of the complete package down - not only did they make records, but they usually had some sort of political agenda, uniforms, the vaguely fascistic logo, the whole thing. The fellows in this film talk a whole lot bollocks about pop music, western music, etc, and its enjoyable for a few minutes...but in the end they're pretty much the same as what they fancied themselves being against.



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