Jun 21, 2012

A Night At CBGB by Pat Ivers and Emily Armstrong

Friends of the blog, Pat Ivers and Emily Armstrong, today launch what is being billed as regular column on the East Village Local in which they "...sift through their voluminous archive of punk-era concert footage as it becomes part of the Downtown Collection at N.Y.U.’s Fales Library. They’ll share their favorite stories and clips along the way." All I can say is hallelujah. And that I'm jealous of the East Village Local.

Here's how it begins:

Pat: On a hot sticky night in July, 1975, I began videotaping punk bands at CBGBs. It was during the CBGB Rock Festival of Unrecorded Bands, with 40 groups that formed the core of the nascent music scene downtown. I was part of Metropolis Video, a video collective of eight, most of whom worked at MCTV’s public access department. That first night, we shot Blondie (still doing some covers, like the Velvets, Femme Fatale), the Talking Heads on their third or fourth gig out of RISD, and the Heartbreakers, a downtown super group with Richard Hell, who had just left Television, and Johnny Thunders and Jerry Nolan of the Dolls. It was their first Manhattan date. It was exciting and we shot now and then for about a year but the center would not hold and the collective dissolved.

Luckily, I met Emily Armstrong and after a night seeing Patti Smith at CBs, she agreed to work with me and a new partnership was formed. Our first band was the Dead Boys in 1977 and we continued for the next four years, often at CBs but also at other clubs like Max’s, Hurrah’s, Mudd Club, and Danceteria.
Read the entire thing here.

Visit the official website for Pat & Emily's Nightclubbing here.


MJG196 said...

This may be the best post on the blog EVER! Great stuff...hell, if they released some of those videos to DVD (iTunes?) I'd buy for sure.

However, I'd like to correct Pat on one item (and if I am actually wrong, feel free to correct ME!). The Heartbreakers played on 30 April (informally opening for Wayne County) and their first official show was 30 May at the Coventry (opening for the Ramones). They played CBGB on 3 June, too (possibly earlier - but memories are wearing thin). Their 7 July CBGB gig was released officially as "Live At Mother's."

Tim Broun said...

There's been a few other Pat & Emily posts over the last few years. Check them out here: http://theworldsamess.blogspot.com/search/label/Nightclubbing.

Glad you like it so much. Their stuff is incredible. The DVD question is difficult as so much complicated licensing is involved to do it legally. Who know...maybe one day?

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