Jul 11, 2012

Fritz Catlin looks back & forward, Part 2: Skintologists "Crowtime"

Fritz Catlin, a founding member of 23 Skidoo, and current Skintologist, has turned in a couple of fine remembrances of the Skidoo days back in the 80's. His film & text here are accompanied by Skintologists music. This is part two of two (see part 1 here)...Be sure to visit the links for more info!

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Academy super 8 (music: Skintologists "Crowtime") by Fritz Catlin

This film, from the William Burroughs-centered event "The Final Academy" in Brixton, London, 1982, mostly features little known band Last Few Days who were the missing link between 23 Skidoo and Throbbing Gristle. Some shots are the sound check, some the actual performance. I wish I could find the cassette of us recording the doorbell chimes selection in a local store. 

As well as Burroughs and Brion Gysin onstage with the strange disembodied binaural recording head in front of them, there are fleeting glimpses of Rod Pearce, David Tibet, Genesis P. Orridge and  Peter "Sleazy" Christopherson at 1:38. My favourite moment is TG soundman and Last Few Days clarinetist Stan Bingo walking past the shopfront with "Prize Bingo" above it. 

This event was especially memorable for me because members of Laibach came over from Yugoslavia to attend, and as a result, eventually LFD joined them on the "Occupied Europe" tour giving me the chance to experience life behind the Iron Curtain.

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