Jul 29, 2012

Movie of the Week - Screamin' Jay Hawkins: I Put A Spell On Me (2001)

Hat tip to Dangerous Minds.

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Anonymous said...

Screaming Jay!!! Many years ago, I caught Screaming Jay at Seattle's now-defunct Ballard Firehouse. Needless to say, it was an unique experience. I recall a table with a small handful of tattooed bikers sternly excited about the voodoo man's performance. Unfortunately, there was also this skinny hippie boy who felt compelled to use up the majority of the dance floor for his "swirly" dance. Me thinks the kid was on acid. This is all the while Jay is shaking his voodoo staff and talking about eating pussy.

Well, it didn't take too long for one of the bikers to get agitated enough to stand up and slug the kid in the head. The boy did go down, but he also sprang back up fairly fast. He obviously didn't know what hit him.

Here is where memory fails me, as I can't recall if the biker hit the kid again. What I do remember is the kid semi-dancing, but very much so wobbling, his way off the floor. Good thing, too. I hate to think what the biker would have done had the kid persisted. That was one strange night!

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