Aug 14, 2012

Charles Ball RIP

DNA "You & You"
Robin Crutchfield, ex-member of DNA and Dark Day, just posted the following news on Facebook, and from the names involved, I'm inclined to believe its true:

Alex Chilton "Bangkok" - Cover shot by Godlis
I just received word from Andy Schwartz, old editor of New York Rocker, who received word from writer Roy Trakin, that Charles Ball died of a heart attack last night in St. Petersberg, Fla. I am passing the word along. It's too bad Charles didn't receive his proper due in his lifetime. His contributions to the DYI culture are massive in importance. --Robin

Implog - Holland Tunnel Dive

Charles' New York-based label, Lust/Unlust, was responsible for some extremely underground but influential releases in the late 70's. These include a DNA 7", a couple of releases from Crutchfield's Dark Day, and one from Alex Chilton (pictured above right). As a music publisher, Charles was also responsible for the excellent 12" release from Implog, the Holland Tunnel Dive EP (pictured left).


Ed Ward said...

Amazing. Do you have any idea who Implog was? I had that 12" and hadn't listened to it forever.

Tim Broun said...

Implog, I'm pretty sure, were Don & Jody from the Contortions...

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