Aug 23, 2012

Colony Records To Close

Ever vigilant, Jeremiah's Vanishing New York reported this morning the soon-to-happen closing of an iconic music related shop in the heart of Times Square: Colony Music. There for sixty years, and definitely a remainder (and reminder) of another era.

As he writes, "...die-hard vinylists might see Colony as a tourist trap, overpriced and understocked, I always found it to be a respite from the Times Square stupidity, from the crowds of tourists hungry for the next Disney fix.

I could step inside and step back in time, to a quieter, more unusual place--where I might run into something odd, like a Sal Mineo Fan Club button."

Apparently they'll remain for a little while longer, but gave no indication of how long that actually means. I'll definitely miss seeing the store there when I'm forced to pass through Times Square.

Read the entire story here.

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