Aug 7, 2012

Its August 7 and Hell Broke Luce

Welp...its August 7th, and after the curious images posted recently by Tom Waits and Anti Records what do we get? It's a new video for "Hell Broke Luce" from Bad As Me. Here's what old Tom has to say about it:

“As most of you guessed, it’s a tour…a tour de force! Matt Mahurin has created an apocalyptic war dream to accompany the song ‘HELL BROKE LUCE.’ Kathleen and I envisioned it as an enlightened drill sergeant yelling the hard truths of war to a brand new batch of recruits. The video grew from the gnawing image of a soldier pulling his home, through a battlefield, at the end of a rope. I think you will agree, it’s uplifting and fun.”


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