Aug 20, 2012

Nightclubbing joins the Blank Generation (1979)

This week Pat & Emily get all down & dirty with Richard Hell & the Voidoids. Who can blame them? Check out the fantastic performance of "Love Comes In Spurts" below, read their article, and as always, visit Go Nightclubbing.

Richard Hell in action at CBGB, circa 1978. Shot by Eugene Merinov.
With his chopped hair and ripped-up shirt, Hell looked like nobody else. And with his kinetic, jangly stage presence and slinky bass, he sounded like nobody else. “Richard had some charisma you can’t buy in a store and apply to yourself like a cream,” recalled Television guitarist, Richard Lloyd. ”He had ‘it,’ the inimitable ‘it,’ the mysterious ‘it.’ His loopy bass lines were cartoonish in their wonderment; he was fantastic.” Continued here.

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