Sep 28, 2012

Brooke Shield's punk rock roots yesterday's internet sensation of a photo with HR of the Bad Brains, smoking weed with "Brooke Shields" is most likely NOT Brooke Shields. However! Thanks to Artifacting for hipping me to the video below of the actual & very young Brooke doing an interview for Manhattan cable show, Efrom Allen's Underground TV. You need proof of her punk rock roots? Watch the video & check out the photo session she does with the one & only Stiv Bators!

Does anyone know what the shoot was done for? Maybe Creem magazine or something?


hubs said...

The photo shoot was featured on the booklet of a Stiv cd called ‘LA- LA’ by Bomp! records, 1994 edition, originally recorded in 1979/1980.

The photo of Stiv and Brooke Shields has no photographer credits, it has a label that reads ‘…Don’t even ask!’ beneath though.

The photographers credited at the last page of the bootleg include Theresa Kereakes, David Arnoff, Donna Santisi and Marcia Resnick.

I believe the photo was taken by Marcia Resnick but I’m not completely sure.

I hope the info is useful!

Tim Broun said...

Thanks! I'll ask Marcia Resnick the next time I run into her.

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