Sep 28, 2012

My Charles Mingus autograph from Tom Dowd

I've never been one those fans who puts too much stock in autographs...Or maybe I should say, I've never expended too much energy tracking them down. I have a few that I'm very happy I have, but I got them because I met the person involved or knew someone where it was just too easy not to ask. In this case, besides spending actual money on it, I'm particularly excited because: 

A) Mingus is one of my all time favorite musicians
B) He's been dead for over 30 years
C) This particular signed album came from the personal collection of Tom Dowd, legendary audio engineer - best known for his work with Atlantic Records on MANY of their classic jazz (including Mingus) and R&B recordings (see his absurdly long discography here). As they say in the biz, this album's provenance is sterling.

I came upon this thanks to my friend, Bob Perry, one of the nicest guys & best record dealers in the country. Bob is located in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and I visit him once a year, usually in January. Besides selling all sorts of incredible soul, jazz, reggae, rock, and you name it, he KNOWS about the stuff he's selling, and he has stories to burn. He also charges extremely buyer friendly prices. I highly recommend checking him if you happen to be in south FLA, or on eBay where he regularly lists great stuff (see link below). This includes many other items from the Tom Dowd collection.

Charles Mingus - official website
Tom Dowd - official website
Bob Perry Records (bluenote5 on eBay) - on eBay

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