Sep 6, 2012

Sun Myung Moon RIP

Subway NYC 1976, photo © GODLIS
Sun Myung Moon - RIP

About the photo - from Godlis: In 1975 I was living with a couple of photographers in an ex-moonie house in Brighton Allston MA. They left their recruitment sign on the front of the house. We were too lazy/busy to take it down, so everyone passing thought we were them. The moonies left a lot of fish in the refrigerator in the basement, right near my darkroom. I moved to NYC six months later and they were all over 34th street at the New Yorker Hotel. This photo was taken in the summer of '76 when Reverend Moon appeared at Yankee Stadium.


Eric Porcher said...

Good one. I visited NYC in 1980 and was greeted by a couple of Moonies while I was trying to leave Grand Central Station. I managed to shake them off, but a little old lady had been watching me (an obvious young tourist) and after the Moonies left, she came to me and scolded me for speaking with black people. :|

Tim Broun said...

Good one Eric!

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