Sep 27, 2012

Surf's Up: Nightclubbing catches a wave with the Raybeats

This week, Pat & Emily of Nightclubbing revisit the often underrated Raybeats - a band formed from the ashes of the short lived No Wave scene. If you've never heard them, the Raybeats probably don't sound like what you'd expect from former members of the Contortions and 8-Eyed Spy.

In 1980, the pendulum swung again for four of No Wave’s most influential musicians. Jody Harris, Donny Christensen and George Scott III were veterans of the Contortions and Pat Irwin had performed with George in 8-Eyed Spy with Lydia Lunch. They were done with moody lead singers and wanted to try another way. They formed The Raybeats. Continued here.

Here's the band performing in 1980 at Danceteria:

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