Sep 17, 2012

Upcoming events of note: The Fun Gallery with Patti Astor

Here's an item I neglected to include in last weeks post about upcoming Art/Music related events - The Fun Gallery, run by Patti Astor, was probably ground zero for the explosion of art and galleries in the early-80's East Village. Opened in 1981, Astor was responsible for some of the first, if not the first exposure on a gallery level for such artists as Basquiat, Kenny Scharf, Fab Five Freddy, Futura 2000, Lee Quinones, Keith Haring, and many others.

Anyway, Patti will be publishing a memoir soon, Fun Gallery: The True Story, and to celebrate, the Clic Gallery will be hosting a book signing on Saturday, 10/6, from 6-8PM. Its sure to be a star studded event!

FUN Gallery...The True Story
Book Signing
Clic NYC, 255 Centre Street, NY, NY

Saturday, October 6, 6-8pm

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Yads said...

I just saw Patti at a Keith Haring talk yesterday, and she is great! She also talked about this event/ signing at Clic, thanks for the post :)

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