Oct 6, 2012

Marc: The Show - Five episodes of 70's rock heaven with T. Rex

In the summer of 1977, Marc Bolan was trying to reinvent himself, and to a degree revive his career. With the glam years well behind him, and the UK punk scene grabbing most of the headlines in the UK music press, he released one last album, Dandy In The Underworld, and famously took the Damned out as support on tour.

He also managed to land himself a music variety show called, simply, Marc. Only six episodes were made before Bolan's tragic death in a car accident on Sept. 16 of that year. Luckily, he made them count, and with the magic of the internet, they remain as artifacts of a fantastic period of rock & roll. One look at the line-ups of each episode show a savvy & tasteful mix of main stream rock, punk, pop, and of course some glam rock. I've never seen any of these before so I'm very excited to be able to put five of the all six episodes here for everyone like me!

Thanks to Bedazzled for pointing these out, and to Venus DeBergio for posting them on YouTube.


Sing Me A Song - T.Rex
All Around The World I've Been Looking - The Jam
I Love To Boogie - T.Rex
Cool Wind From The North - Stephanie
No Russians In Russia - Radio Stars
Heart Throb's Dance (You Made Me Believe In Magic / DCR)
Celebrate Summer - T.Rex
You Have What It Takes - Showaddywaddy
Jeepster - T.Rex

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Celebrate Summer - T. Rex
Hearts Throb Dance (Roots Rock/ Desmond Decker)
If I Can Just Through Tonight - Alphalpha
You Made Me Believe In Magic - Bay City Rollers
New York City - T. Rex
Ride A White Swan - T. Rex
Just A Little Tenderness - Mud
People In Love - 10cc
Endless Sleep - T. Rex


Sing Me A Song - T. Rex
Groove A Little - T. Rex
Looking After Number One - The Boomtown Rats
You're My Baby - Jamie Wild
Let's Dance - T. Rex
Hearts Throbs Dance (Celebrate Summer/ T. Rex)
Get Your Love Right - Alan David
Quark Strangeness and Charm - Hawkwind
Hot Love - T. Rex


New York City - T. Rex
Idolizer- Denis Conly
To Lane - Steve Gibbons Band
I Love To Boogie - T. Rex
Endless Sleep - T. Rex
Confessing - Robin Askwith
I Wanna Testify - Roger Taylor (Queen)
Dandy In The Underground - T. Rex


Sing Me A Song - T. Rex
Sunshine Of Your Love - Rosetta Stone
Heart Throbs Dance (Get On)
Bring Back The Love - Blue
Celebrate Summer - T. Rex
No Russians In Russia - Radio Stars
Dancing In The Moonlight - Thin Lizzy
Get It On - T. Rex


Deborah - T. Rex
Your Generation - Generation X
I'm A Fighter - Lip Service
Heart Throb's Dance - Ain't it Strange
Groove A Little - T. Rex
Ride A White Swan - T. Rex
Heart Throb's Dance (I Haven't Stopped Dancing Yet)/ Gonzalez (band)
Do Anything you Want To Do - Eddie and the Hot Rods
Heroes - David Bowie
Instrumental Jam with David Bowie and Marc Bolan & T. Rex

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Sweet Jane said...

Fantastic post, I didn't know that so many episodes had been uploaded either...it's always good to keep a little Marc in your heart. Thanks!

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