Oct 14, 2012

Movie of the Week: Ricky (2012)

Directed by Will Robson Scott: This film meets Ricky Powell, a native New Yorker whose photographs of iconic people such as the Beastie Boys, Keith Haring and Cindy Crawford made him a pivotal figure in the downtown party scene during the '80s and '90s.

Now 50, Ricky’s lust for photography and music is still strong. Through his eccentricities such as his love for a transistor radio and feeding squirrels in the park, we gain an insight into his everyday life. Retrospective of New York City and how it has changed over his lifetime, he shows us around the city and contemplates what the future holds.

Ricky Powell - official website

Perhaps my favorite photo by Ricky. The dog is good looking, but I love this car:

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