Oct 3, 2012

New Bush Tetras album coming soon on ROIR

Well...sort of new. The Bush Tetras' unreleased album, Happy, will finally see a release some fifteen years after it was recorded and mastered, with ROIR releasing the 12-song album on Nov. 13.

Happy was produced by Don Fleming (Sonic Youth, Teenage Fanclub, Screaming Trees, The Posies) and recorded in 1998 at Shelter Studios New York. The album was initially slated for release on Mercury Records, but after the label was sold the album was shelved indefinitely. Attempts by various labels to secure the rights to release the album were thwarted as one merger after another led to lost contacts and contractual questions. The rights to release the album were recently secured by ROIR, a label that has had a lengthy history with the Bush Tetras, dating back to the 1983 Wild Things cassette.

"Happy is the last cohesive body of work that the band made together and the first that we recorded with bass player Julia Murphy," explains Pat Place, guitarist for the Bush Tetras. "We had a great experience recording in the studio with producer Don Fleming. We are so 'happy' that Happy will finally be out in the world after being lost in record company crossfire for 15 years!"

The Bush Tetras formed in 1979, in the lower east side of Manhattan. Pioneers of the indie movement long before the term had been coined, the band's first 7" single on historic NYC label 99 Records (Liquid Liquid, ESG, Glenn Branca), "Too Many Creeps," landed the quirky, post-punk band on Billboard's dance chart. Straddling the line between No Wave, New Wave and Art-funk, the co-ed quartet's influence, and the band's distinctive guitar sounds, can still be heard today.

The band will perform two shows surrounding the release of Happy: Nov. 4 at Part Time Punks in Los Angeles and Nov. 29 at Le Poisson Rouge in New York (with Suicide).

Happy track list:
01. Heart Attack
02. Slap
03. Trip
04. Nails
05. Chinese Afro
06. Pretty Thing
07. You Don't Know Me
08. Buckets of Blood
09. Motorhead
10. Theremin
11. Ocean
12. Swamp Song

Bush Tetras - official Facebook

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