Oct 23, 2012

Steve Paul RIP

Steve Paul - RIP. Photo by Kate Simon, 2008.

Paul was an important part of the NYC music scene in the 60's and 70's. Owner of the famous Steve Paul's Scene nightclub (located at 301 West 46th Street just west of 8th Ave), he hosted the likes of Hendrix, Morrison, and others, from 1964 throu the end of the decade. He also helped Johnny Winter come to prominence in the late 60's. During the 70's he continued in artist management, and also ran Blue Sky Records, home to Johnny Winter, Muddy Waters, Rick Derringer, and others. Obituary forthcoming.

Thanks to Kate Simon & others, I have info on memorial services:

More on Steve Paul's Scene: Its All The Streets

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RephStar said...

Steve Paul is NEW YORK CITY!!!

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