Oct 12, 2012

Viva Loisaida, 1978

An incredible short film produced by "Gruppe Dokumentation" & "Tylis" and filmed in Loisada, by Marlis Momber. In just 10 minutes it gives a deep look into the Lower East Side in the Fall of 1978 with Chino Garcia & Bimbo Rivas. Just beautiful.

Via EV Grieve & Flaming Pablum.

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Anonymous said...

I think of CBGB'S and Max's Kansas City and dark-eyed moody girls with cigarettes and sneers
and beautiful hips...and Tom Verlaine's guitar and squatting in abandoned lofts and Basquiat painting his masterpieces and Francesca Woodman fading into the decaying walls and the smells of
perogis and icy winter sunlight through dirty tall window bars and art and heartbreak and dreams lost and gained and lost again and filthy sex and filthy streets and pure innocent
hopes and junkie rage and death and that despite all that has become better on the outside through time how much that is human and therefore alive is forever gone...

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